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A letter from the Owner:

February 7, 2018

Welcome Future Students and Family!

Every driving school says: “We’re the best!”  Empty claims are no help.  Check reviews, and look for transparent policies in writing.  Policies like these you won’t find anywhere else!

  • Yes, parents can ride along!  Bet you didn’t expect that!  It’s up to you, but there are reasons most driving schools don’t want to be scrutinized by experienced drivers, and it’s not “for insurance reasons”.
  • We never have other students in the car!  Most driving schools “piggyback” to increase profit.  Of course it’s distracting, but it also means students must drive to drop off the last student, sometimes on freeways, ready or not!  Your paid time should focus on you — Not transporting strangers.
  • We pay instructors well to retain only the best!  Most of our friendly instructors have prior experience in law enforcement.  You pay for training — Not just somebody with a driver’s license and an extra brake pedal.  No “budget” driving school can maintain a team like ours!
  • Our “No Questions Asked” refund policy!  Unfortunately, most driving schools strictly enforce a “no refunds / no exceptions” policy.  Consider: If a company hasn’t incurred the cost to provide the whole service, they wouldn’t keep your money unless a lot of people ask for refunds.  Our clients rarely ask for refunds, but we want you to know we stand behind your satisfaction.
  • New this year — Video and audio surveillance in the vehicles.  We’ll be rolling this out in the coming months.  This tool helps establish consistency, and if there are concerns I can personally review what happened.

Simply put: We do things differently!  We  stand behind our reputation.  Doing things our way costs a little more, but we make sure every penny is well-spent.  We haven’t paid for advertising in years because families always come back for younger siblings.

Enroll right now from this website!  Or call (916) 381-3211 — and get to know us!

Paul Burton, Owner
West Point Driving School

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