Answers to all your Questions:

“How many lessons should I take?”

Lessons are available one-at-a-time (2 hours), or in bundles of 3 lessons (6 hours) which saves money with package pricing.

If you are under 18 when you get your license, you must complete at least 3 lessons (6 hours).  We will issue a certificate which you must take to the DMV for your drive test.  Since you must wait 6 months from the day your permit is issued to get your license, we generally recommend spacing out the lessons 2-3 months.

For seniors or adults over 18, there are a wide variety of options, depending on whether you will be practicing with family.  If you have prior experience and/or someone to practice with, maybe one lesson is all you need. 

For those with no prior experience, and no opportunities to practice, you will learn with us only.  Let’s set your expectations realistically: Very few people in these circumstances can pass a driver’s license test after only 5 or 6 lessons.  Some others will require 30 or more lessons.  It varies widely.  Your instructor will give you an honest assessment of your progress and recommendations.  We really want you to achieve your goals without spending more time and money than necessary.  Lots of practice with family is the best way to save money, if possible.

If you will NOT be practicing with other drivers, your lessons should be scheduled as closely together as possible.  It’s best not to spend too much time without any experience, because driving is a diminishing skill.

“What will we do during lessons?”

We have general guidelines, but our one-on-one training will be a little different for every student.  Instructors are trained to pinpoint driving weaknesses, and to focus on those while taking you through progressive stages of driving… From basic control, to general scanning, to navigating traffic, to freeway merges, to advanced maneuvers and defensive driving in confusing situations.

For teens, the first lesson typically starts with slow residential driving, parking, backing, and we progress to multilane streets and U turns.  This does not mean the young driver is ready to do the same with parents.  It is an introduction. The second lesson (typically) occurs a couple months later, and it’s the most intense.  If the student is ready, we teach freeway entrances, and go to downtown Sacramento. This includes 1-way streets, narrow alleys and dense traffic.  The third lesson is a “clean up” and a full review of the drive test requirements.

For adults, we also take you through progressive stages, but since lessons are usually closer together, and since individual needs may vary, the instructor will always evaluate your particular weaknesses and address those.  We will also address your individual desires.  For example, some adults, particularly seniors, do not ever want to drive on the freeway.

“I have more questions!”

Of course you do!  But don’t worry, our phone staff can answer any questions you may have!  Call us at (916)381-3211.